<![CDATA[My Urban Farm - Our Farm]]>Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:04:07 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Changes...]]>Mon, 11 Jan 2016 03:29:56 GMThttp://myurbanfarm.weebly.com/our-farm/changesMany changes are happening to My Urban Farm. . .

This year, I just got a green house.  I am planning on trying out Aquaponics, Hydroponics, and enhanced soil.  Brandon and I will try to see which actually grows the best food.  Not just quantity but quality.  Which taste the best.

The biggest change is that Steve and I are in the process of Divorce.  It makes me sad, but that's just the way it is.  With the divorce, we are packing up our Urban farm and moving to the suburbs. 

I guess the name of my farm is going to change too.  The kids and I decided to call our farm, "Three C's Feather and Furry Friends Farm".  We will have our rabbitry where we raise the Chocolate Mini Rex, and the American Chinchilla rabbits, and possibly the Standard Rex Rabbit.  We will raise them for show where we will strive to breed them as close to the SOP as possible. 
We will also be raising our feathered friends.  Katrina is raising the Serama, the smallest chicken in the world.  Brandon is continuing to raise the Bantam Modern Game Birds, and I'm trying to get him to raise a small flock of the standard Modern Game Birds.  I am raising the Blue Andalusian for show and for their eggs.  I also have the Dark Cornish, that I'm raising for show and for food.  We also are raising the Tufted American Buff Goose, and hope to get two more pairs of breeding goslings in April to bring diversity into my flock.  I have currently found two other people who are raising, breeding and willing to show the Tufted American Buff Goose.  We just need at least two more breeders to breed, raise, and show this breed.  Then we can apply to get them into the Standard of Perfection Book.
I currently have four Delaware Pullets, but I will be selling them off to make room for a few ducks.  I was thinking of the Welsh Harlequin ducks, but might be willing to try other breeds of ducks.  My son, and his dad are both allergic to chicken eggs, but seem to be able to tolerate goose and duck eggs.

So, we are currently trying to finish all the little projects in and around our urban home so we can put it up for sale. 

Stay tuned on our weekly progress...
<![CDATA[Almost Time to Order Turkeys and Meat Chicks...]]>Sat, 14 Dec 2013 05:00:12 GMThttp://myurbanfarm.weebly.com/our-farm/almost-time-to-order-turkeys-and-meat-chicksPicture
It's almost time to order turkeys.  Last year I got our turkeys in March.  Our turkeys were only 22 lbs live weight for fair in August.  The folks in Sherman County got their turkeys in January and their turkeys were in the 40 lb range at the end of August.  They were approximately 10 weeks older then my turkeys.  So, this year I'm ordering them early!
I plan on ordering 16 in January and another 16 in May.  That'll be 32 turkeys.  Two will go to auction at fair, one for Brandon and one for Katrina.  Then two to four will go into my own freezer, one whole to use for Thanksgiving, the other three will be cut into pieces and some will be ground into ground meat.  The remaining 28 will be pre-sold or sold at the Farmer's Market. Actually I already have fifteen spoken for, that'll leave nine to sell at the Farmer's Market.

I'm also thinking that I need to order meat chicks to arrive in January.  My freezer is almost empty of meat.  We still have three ducks left, but they will be eaten for Christmas Dinner in a little over a week from today.  I'd like to order 50 chicks.  10 to 15 will go into my freezer.  Well, maybe 20 for my freezer and the other 30 can be sold at the Marketplace, until the Farmer's Market starts back up.

It takes six to seven months to raise a turkey up right.  It takes two to three months to raise the meat birds up to a good size and weight.  This year I plan on ordering the Broad Breasted Whites and the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys.  For meat chickens I plan on getting 50% Cornish X Barred Rock cross, and 50% Red Rangers.  If I can sell them butchered at the Marketplace for a decent price, then I'll get more for the Farmer's Market.  The Marketplace at the Mint started this year in November and ends the 21st of December.  It starts back up in March and should go until the end of May.  The Farmer's Market starts the first weekend of June, but we'll be at the Mother Earth News Homesteading Fair at the Puyallup Fairgrounds that weekend, and goes until the middle of October.

Anyone interested in ordering a homegrown, non GMO, naturally raised turkey or some chickens this new year?  Some turkeys will be ready for butcher in August, with more ready in November.  Chickens should be ready in March, and April with possibly more ready in May, June, July and August.

<![CDATA[Already November]]>Sat, 23 Nov 2013 00:48:02 GMThttp://myurbanfarm.weebly.com/our-farm/already-novemberCan you believe it is already November?  Thanksgiving is next Thursday and there is so much to do.  So why aren't I up and about doing what needs to be doing?  Well, because it's cold outside and I hate the cold and because everyone is sitting around playing "Mindcraft" on the computers and I hate working when no one else is.
Yes, I played for an hour and a half on "Mindcraft" too, but then the monsters came out and killed me, over and over again.  And honestly, a person can only take being killed by zombies, spiders, and creepers for so long....

I then took time to catch up on emails, well actually I only read a couple emails before I got bored with that too, so then I got caught up with my Facebook friends.  I've sort of arranged to buy a couple new rabbits - New Zealand Jr. Does this next Spring from my friend Morgan.  And thanks to Morgan - she's been posting about growing fodder for her rabbits (http://wild1sfodderandcom.weebly.com), and posted a great website that I think I've spent the last two hours reading and watching about growing fodder along with other small farm projects ( 
http://fmicrofarm.com/diyprojects/) I think I'm going to try growing fodder for both my rabbits and poultry.  If only I could find a nice warm place to grow it.  (pondering here)

So what's been happening here on the farm.
Katrina is now in 7th grade.  We are still schooling her at home, but she is trying this online school through Spray School District.  It is really challenging for her to learn to meet the school's deadlines, which is a really good skill for her to learn.
Brandon is in 5th grade.  We are homeschooling him.  I have him currently working online with a company called "Time4Learning", but honestly I really can't afford the $20.00 a month fee.  So I'm thinking I might just go back to using the 4-H curriculum for his schooling.  I was hoping to have it easy this year with others doing the prep, planning, and grading this year.  Oh well, guess I'd better trying to get my mind around it again.

We still have Splish and Splashes' two young goslings.  Luke is now a little larger then Splash, but looks so much like him that I really have to watch his actions to figure out who is who.  Lucy is small like Splish, and looks just like her except Splish's lobe hangs to one side due to an accident she had as a gosling where Lucy's lobe hangs evenly between her legs.  There are other differences, but you really have to look them over before telling them apart.  One of the biggest differences is that both Splish and Splash come right up to me and pull on my pants, follow me around and will eat out of my hands where Luke and Lucy Goosy are stand offish.  Probably because Splish and Splash were hand raised and Luke and Lucy were flocked raised.
My Buckeye Pullets and Cockerel are almost fully grown.  They are the biggest and broadest chickens we have.  They are now seven months old, but still have not seen one egg from the pullets.
We had one of Brandon's Bantam Modern Game birds hatch, but he/she lives at a friend's house where it hatched. All four of his hens have completely stopped laying and the five of them come in at night as it is way too cold outside for their small little bodies.  Also it helps keep the rooster from crowing too early in the morning and disturbing the neighbors. 
Katrina had two chicks hatch from her Bantam Cochins.  They both were doing great, but one morning a couple weeks ago Katrina went out and found one of the chicks had been smothered to death.  It's really sweet to watch all five hens mothering the remaining chick.  The chick is now half their size, and fully feathered.  But on any given day you can go out and find the little one under any one of their wings.  If it looses sight of it's mother, Little Red, then it just has to cry and one of the others will run over to it's rescue.
I decided to go ahead and keep the two Andalusians, the two Welsummers, and the remaining Wyandotte.  They bring color and excitement to the flock.  Plus they are all giving us some delicious eggs to eat.  Now if they would just stop beating up on my Buckeye Cockerel, I'd put them in the same hen house with the Buckeyes.

On the bunny front...
Katrina has finally decided to do a major cut back on her Holland Lop Herd.  So if anyone is interested in Holland Lops we are selling at least 12 to 14 of them at very low prices.  I'm hoping to make room for a couple New Zealand Does and a trio of American Chins.  I also already bought a couple Californian does that should be ready to start breeding in January.  I have a Californian Buck that I'm sharing with my friend Kristen.  He's housed at her place.

On the Garden Front...
I have not really put my gardens to bed yet.  I've been letting the chickens and geese strip the plants of their leaves and what little fruits are left on them.  I'll eventually go out and pull the remainder of the plants and see if I could cut them up and compost back into the garden.  I also need to get Katrina out there to help me clean rabbit cages where I can throw their manure into the gardens as well as both kids can go out and rake the leaves to put into the gardens too.

Katrina and Brandon are both on a LEGO Robotics team, so we've been programming the robot to complete missions for the past couple of months.  They go to competition on December 7th.  Can't wait till it's over.

Meeko and Mia are our two young kitties.  Meeko is a large kitty, weighing 10 lbs at four months old while Mia is half his size at 5 lbs at six months.  They are already proving to be good mousers, and work hard at keeping my house rodent free.  They are also so much fun to watch with their silly antics.

I did not do the Farmer's Market this year, but plan on making it my job this next year.  This year I am participating at the new "Marketplace at the Mint".  It is like a farmer's market but more like a holiday bazaar that runs every Saturday in the month of November till the 20 of December.

I am hoping to take an Aquaponics class in early December.  If I can build an adequate system, I should be able to garden all year long and use much less water than traditional gardening.  I plan on posting some of what I learn here soon.

Well, it's now time to put the birds to bed.  How quickly the day flies by.

<![CDATA[My Urban Farm]]>Fri, 28 Jun 2013 01:48:05 GMThttp://myurbanfarm.weebly.com/our-farm/my-urban-farmIt has been a busy last few months here on my urban farm.  Tried cleaning up the backyard, but just can't seem to keep it clean.  I have plastic pots thrown all over the yard.  Due to the kids and the wind, and the dog.  Rabbit litters have been born and eggs have hatched.
We had seven goslings hatched, not bad for their first year.  One gosling was killed by our Blue Sweden Drake, (both the drake and duck have now been sold.) Then the neighbor's dog ripped open the side fence, where four of the goslings fell through and were quickly dispatched by the neighbor's dog.  The fence was quickly fixed, but a little too late. 
We now have two goslings left along with Splish and Splash.  They are only a couple months old, but are almost as large as Splish and Splash already.
I even started a berry garden, though we won't get any berries for another year or more.
Note the wire cage around the berry garden, that's in place to keep the chickens out of the garden.

I have three raised vegetable beds filled, though only two are planted...
I have raspberries growing in one of the side gardens, but this garden bed has also been invaded by Sunflower plants - came back from the year before. 
My two asian pear trees have fruit set on them again this year.  And one of my apple trees have fruit set for the first time.  Now if I could figure out how to keep the wild grass from overtaking my front garden beds.
An order of 26 Cornish Cross Chicks came in a week ago tomorrow.  Six of these chicks will go to fair with Katrina, three will be used for her auction meat pen.  
The turkeys are now almost four months old.  They sure have grown up quickly.  Wonder if we'll be able to lift them come August.  They will also be going to fair, and one of them will be used as Brandon's auction meat bird.
We had two new litters of Holland Lop bunnies born Tuesday.  And one litter born last month.